I rarely do an article on one of our clients using our Point of Sale software unless it is exceptional, The Kavon is such a place. It has recently been revamped. 

Theatre Restaurant is fully computerised.

It saves them lots of time. In restaurants and bars, in my experience stock wastage and shrinkage is the biggest problems, it is crucial to track and manage stock.

However at the bar, the problem is that time is a premium, so the speed is number one. This is where our POS system comes to its own. It is the fastest one, I have ever seen. We can quickly take payments, setup bar tabs, split bills, add tips and apply the special promotions. We accept a wide range of payment types eg cash, credit cards, account sales, etc. We have cashless payment options.

Most importantly if the EFTPOS goes down eg the internet or the bank is down, we can switch to local mode and keep the EFTPOS and by extension, the bar going.


Here are some photos of our system at the bar all setup


Here is the bar


Some of the cocktails on offer

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