Bad article about newsagents


I certainly was not impressed with this newspaper article [Link removed] on the rumour that News Limited metropolitan might become free.

I was thinking of commenting but the article was so bad, I just dropped it. I doubt any newsagents make only around $25 a week on newspapers. Newspapers are worth between 5 to 40% of a newsagent’s turnover. That is a lot more than $25.

Also although distribution revenue varies greatly in newsagencies. Many do not do it. Nor is distribution subsidised by the newspapers. It is subsidised by the newsagent. As newspapers become less important, many newsagents are rethinking on the distribution costs.

His conclusion is correct, newsagents have to change to survive. One newsagent looking though the profitabilty reports in posbrowser reported that of his 10 lines, only three were newsagency lines.