Analysing the pros and cons of lay-by

There is an old business saying that you cannot manage if you do not have measurements. It is still accurate today.

That is why our point of sale software has heaps of analysis as well as reports.

Lay-by analysis is one such analysis reports.

I remember years ago credit card's suppliers were telling us that they would be replacing lay-by, but it did not happen, today lay-by is probably the most popular form of credit in retail, particularly if they have poorer people with bad credit ratings. Where it proven really useful has been for Christmas shoppers.

You will find lay-bys in our customer section

The analysis you will find there marked with a green arrow. Then when you press it you will get pages of statistics. Here is the start

If you press the blue arrow, you will get even more in a Full Detailed Report. Looking through them, I am sure you will find much.

It is just another example of how our pos software gives you the tools you need to drive growth.