An idea

Yesterday many newsagents missed out on two minor festivals that they could have promoted particularly for lotto.

Many Australians are from central and Northern Europe many of these celebrate Oktoberfest. In 2009 about 30,000 people in Sydney and as many in Melbourne went to celebrate it. Queensland has a lot too of such people. These people are big spenders in lotto, and I am sure that an Oktoberfest syndicate in many newsagencies would have been a goer.

Similarly, it was 10/10/10. The astrologers stated that it was an extremely lucky day. Many must have believed as it was one of the busiest days of the year's wedding calendar with couples hoping the date 10/10/10 will bring them luck. Surely a syndicate to be brought on that day would have also been popular.

My idea is that a calendar, be put together by the ANF, who could assemble it with consultation with a few industry suppliers and distribute it to its members so that more of these dates would not be missed.