A point of sale tip for the new business owners

If you are taking over an existing shop with our point-of-sale software, please discuss with us, your system and your requirements because the way it is set up now was for the old owner. This may not be the best way for you. We had one client who discovered that his system was set up with data bridge, which linked his shop to a warehouse. The problem was that he did buy or use the warehouse from the old owner. So he was paying for an Internet connection that he never used.

There are other good reasons to contact us too such as we provide free training to new owners.

Plus the point-of-sale licence officially remains the property of the previous owner which can cause problems too. For example we had a new owner, call us up and say I need help to get into my system, what is the password? Our support staff said, "Who are you? What shop are you in? Is Mulunger there because we need his authorisation to give you the passwords?" Well that was not easy to do, as Mulunger was long gone.
We have here a change in business ownership form which will only take is a few minutes to fill out this form and email it to us. Which I do suggest that you fill out on purchase.