Cash Register Software


In our busy business environment, you need the latest software constantly evolving to improve how your businesses can best serve your needs. 1,000s of merchants around Australia trust this Cash Register software. It works in all retail stores with built-in reports, instant invoicing and streamlined refund processing.

This complete POS system for similar time and money can be on a cash register. It is easy to learn, efficient, and easy to use. It provides the tools and software you need to manage your business! It will provide you with great flexibility and a wide range of POS functionalities.

The faster a sale is completed, the shorter the queue time, which improves customer satisfaction,

Then besides doing your cash register, it can be at no extra cost!

If you're looking for a way to save money in your business, you should consider this Cash Register Software. Cash register software. It's super easy to use and will save you so much time. 

* Increase your stock offering with online products

Simplify business management with retail analysis and reporting capabilities (available for single-site or multi-site stores) that help you measure and manage performance against key business objectives. Key Features The Business Analytics module of Retail Solutions provides comprehensive business reporting, analysis and dashboards that can be used to view data in real-time, track performance by location or department, drill down into the details of your store's performance, and analyze your performance against key metrics. Real-Time Reporting: Use real-time reporting to ensure your store is on track. You'll get a dashboard of all your store's sales, inventory and profitability data in one place.

It is intuitive and has simple processing, which many Australian retail businesses, restaurants, and cafes love to use as it keeps them ahead. Some of its features are:

Faster checkout service as many customers will not wait.

Cash Registers point of sale

Check out the speed 

Transaction speed raw data

Multiple payment forms

  • Accepts almost every type of payment system 
  • Refunds
  • Zip


Real-time reporting gives you an instant snapshot anywhere, anytime

  • Most profitable products, top-sellers and more
  • Track all cash and money movement 
  • Sales and inventory reports
  • Financial reports generation
  • Sales tracking
  • Revenue report 


  • Stock control
  • Quickly add and sell any type of product.
  • Add discounts and notes to specific products.
  • Barcode supported, including variable price and weight


  • Create and manage individual staff accounts
  • Track stock performance 

Manage one or many shops

  • Scale your business quickly.
  • Add or take-out registers and locations from anywhere worldwide to increase efficiency and manage peak sales periods.
  • It works offline and can automatically sync when you are back online.

Reward your best customers with customer loyalty 

  • Gift card processing 
  • Loyalty marketing
  • Use an integrated CRM 

Cafes, restaurants

  • Friendly interface for managing food menu, prices, beverages, and cooking instruction.
  • Create a separate bar tab
  • Kitchen control
  • Split bills

Save time and money with cash register software

Improve your bottom line.

Take complete control and scale your business.