Easily manage across many sales and warehouses locations in real-time!

Make smarter business and management decisions. Grow with a multi-shop software system that can have many shops to be managed from one hub.

Scale your business with inventory, eCommerce, reporting, and more with ease.

If you have more than one store or if you would like to own more, our multi-shop system was specifically designed for growth-focused multi-store retailers. It has the tools and features to help you. The multi-site connectivity was designed as a core functionality to dramatically reduce duplicated tasks and allow growth for your business while centralising control of daily tasks that cost time and money.

A group of staff make up a multishop environment



It is designed, developed, and supported here in Australia, and with its high-end SQL database will amaze you with its fast processing speed, management tools, and auto maintenance abilities. Real-time updates allow you to make changes that will be active in all your stores in seconds. PosBrowser has a full database recovery process that ensures full protection against loss of data due to any hardware or internet failure. We can connect all the shops, any warehouse, storerooms, and the home to make your business operate smarter and faster to give you the flexibility you require to succeed and expand.

Some of the features with multi-shop are:

  •  Pay accounts in any shop
  •  Search shows each shop's stock on hand
  •  Transfer stock in seconds from one shop to another
  •  Crystal reports for one shop or more, just highlight
  •  Work from home by connecting to any shop
  •  Process invoices for both shops from any shop
  •  Different pricing on the same items for any shop for different kinds of customers eg trade pricing
  •  VIP Cards work in both shops
  •  Order stock for other shops from any shop
  •  The choice of centralized invoicing for combined buying power followed up with extensive distribution options and recall facilities
  •  Resource management for staffing including roster, time stamping and transaction ownership
  • Staff can communicate between shops via point of sale’s diary system
  • The point of sale system automatically maintains software updates for all shops
  • The point of sale system automatically performs backups for all shops