We are the founding partner of Tyro, the first so we have extensive experience in the design, development and support with EFTPOS integrated payments.

Reduce Fraud

Speed up your transactions with a modern EFTPOS.

Create a seamless user experience.


When it comes to electronic paymentsTyro provided a fresh alternative. 

You can make your business payments seamlessly with an integrated transaction processing system. Using the Internet to you can do faster transactions without the need for a telephone. Plus with Tyro, there are no risks as there are no transaction limits, lock-in contracts, set up, break, cancellation, or other hidden fees. What we had discovered was an affordable and easy-to-use point of sales solution



Our clients could benefit as they had the industry-leading technology, PCI compliance, and highest standard security, non-stop operation, and superfast EFTPOS transactions at competitive Merchant Service Fees. There are no lock-in contracts, no set-up, break, cancellation, or other hidden fees and Customer Support is local, 24/7.

So we were able as a result to offer our clients:

- Integrated purchases and refunds
- Built-in mail order/telephone order (MOTO)
- Integrated receipts
- Integrated reconciliation
- Combined end of day reporting and settlement

What Tyro has is

  • Handle Google pay, apply pay and Samsung pay among others 
  • card payments processed in under 1.6-seconds
  • Tap & Go terminals with 3G, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connection options     
  • mobile and secure payments acceptance for multiple POS units
  • direct integration and seamless reconciliation
  • 99.9% availability - WiFi connectivity with 3G backup
  • elimination of double data entry and manual re-keying errors
  • immediate access to transaction reporting
  • compliance with the highest industry standards of data security

Expert 24/7 local customer support is available


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