Mobile Stock Management System

The Mobile Stock Management System we are proud to present a wireless stock control that’s easy to use and affordable as well. The Posbrowser Mobile Stock Management System works on a wireless capable handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

It can send information to your database instantly from anywhere in the store. All you need is the PDA, the program and a wireless access point. Any existing network can always be upgraded to wireless.  Our workplace PDA devices are tough, robust and sturdy.

Or if you want you can use a tablet, anywhere

You can check a stock item for

  • A simple stock enquiry
  • Doing Returns both for your shop and for your subagents.
  • Stocktaking
  • Stock ordering
  • Printing labels
  • Changing stock item details like:
    Dissection, family, class, category, ordering method, label type, location, discount value and on-hand level.
  • Change prices and print shelf labels.
  • Invoice quantity checking.