Inventory management software

Inventory management

Today an efficient and modern business requires managing and keeping track of its inventory to streamline its operations and so often dramatically boost profits. Poor inventory management have been shown to being one of the primary reasons why businesses fail. That is why you need to make sure that you have all the essential products you need.

* Reduce and avoid  major overstocks or stock-outs.

* Create purchase orders and email directly to your suppliers, then track them.

* Automatically set required stock level based on your stock history to completely automatically reorder products

* Control multiple locations or separate business instantly.

* Give you accurate and up-to-date inventory quantities, costs and prices by location, department, category in a logical order to organised your stock control with proper security.

* Get continious stock information with reports and potential out of stock warnings anywhere in the world

* Get a full product history which shows when items were received, how long kept and sales and return infomation

* Add notes and photos to each stock item.

* Create sales units for items sold by weight or in bundles

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POS Solutions is the total inventory management system.

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