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  • A tip when having an event

    If you have a marketing season coming up, start a countdown leading up to it

    Your POS software allows you to put notes on, so you put on 12 days, 11 days, 10 days, etc.

    If you have a Facebook page or email marketing, you can take advantage of social media marketing for free too to begin counting down the days until whatever holiday it is you are leading up to. As you connect with your customers share daily updates regarding how many days are left for this upcoming holiday. You will be surprised how many of them intend to do something and forget.

    The idea is to keep things rolling.

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  • Comparison report

    One report I would like you to look at in your point of sale software, is the dissection comparsion report.

    This compares the sales of stock items in different period.

    You will find it

    Main Menu > Cash Register > Register Reports > under the Select Report tab, expand the Stock folder > select the report “Dissection Family Class Period Sales Comparison”.

    Then you will see this screen

    What I suggest you measure is like for like comparisons, say the first five months of this year with the first five months of last year to see how your sales are changing over time. You can see by a wide variety of KPIs, including quantity, cost, sales, profit and GP%. Plus you can see the percentage change. Furthermore, you can check quickly on the left, whether you have enough stock plus how much stock, you have. I do suggest that you run through these key performance indicators (KPIs).

    In addition, check the side panels and of course the More Criteria tab marked with a green arrow.

    This is just one of the many merchandising reports available, which provide you with a high-level, organization-wide perspective for analysing the effectiveness of your marketing strategies available to users of our POS Software.

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  • Expiry dates gift vouchers/credit notes

    What you will see soon on our point of sale software on the credit notes as on the gift vouchers already are expiry dates. (see red arrow above)

    Our understanding of the law, and we are not lawyers and not qualified to give legal advice is that this is acceptable as long as the period is reasonable. You should check what is considered reasonable by your undustry body.

    The big problem at the moment is that legally a new owner must honour existing gift cards and vouchers if the business was sold as a ‘going concern’. This has resulted in these owners having to pay debts that they were never knew about. In one case, I know about one of the old owner's brother presented a big gift voucher to the new owner. It does not seem fair.

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  • Free Webinar: Stocktake tomorrow

    Well its time to start preparing for the big count, as its stocktaking time. To help you prepare, we are running a webinar on stocktaking where we will run through with you the process of doing a stocktake. Even if you have done stocktaking with our system before, we do recommend that you attend this webinar to refresh your knowledge.

    This webinar that will start tomorrow at 2:00pm AEST.

    We hope to see you there.

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  • Retail tip

    Here is a tip for you to think about.

    What happens if, for some reason, you cannot be contacted for an extended period? Can the people in the shop work the point of sale software? Can they access the emails they require to work the system? Can they work the ATO portal? Can they access your Facebook page?

    This is what happened to one of our clients when the owner/manager got a hit with a stroke.

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  • 98% of All WannaCry Victims Were Using Windows 7

    Kaspersky Lab on Friday showed that over 98% of all documented WannaCry infections were running versions of the Windows 7 operating systems. We are not sure whether it is WannaCry, but a computer was examined by our engineering department on Friday with the most incredible virus; we have ever seen. It was on a Window 7 computer. Avast was up to date and said it was protecting the computer. The Avast software could do a quick search for virus, and it showed nothing. It could not however run a full scan. What alerted the operator that something was wrong was when he followed my advice and tried to run Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware and it did not allow this software to run. Then when he tried to run a competitors antivirus software, the computer crashed. We have never before seen such a sophisticated virus. Whether its WannaCry we do not know as yet but its a strong possibility which means it is in our marketspace.

    Since now AVG and Avast are the same, I would say any user of either of these products is at risk.

    Please follow my advise and try to run Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware and check your computer, particularly if you are on Windows 7. If Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware is deleted immediately after running you are infected.

    Update: After spending much of the weekend on this computer, we have not been able to determine what this computer is infected as it is clearly something quite phenomenal. The information has been sent to Avast. However, as the client needs his computer back, we are totally deleting everything and installing it as Windows 10 computer.

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  • Age of privacy is dead, Google will track Credit Cards too

    The future of point of sale is not all pretty and sometimes its benefits seem dubious to someone like myself who believes in twentieth-century privacy concepts.

    Google has is starting to access credit-card transactions to push people to make purchases even in offline locations like retail brick-and-mortar stores. Soon I am sure that Google, Facebook, Amazon and others such as the authorities will follow as Google and Facebook make good spies.

    Once they do that they will be able to match your Internet browsing to your purchases. This will allow them to make their work more effective but becomes another nail into your privacy, on the other hand. The consumer will win too as they will receive better service for those people who are switched on to the net.

    Read more about it here.

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  • Group sell instead of discounting

    Right about now, while doing a stocktake you will be going around the shop collecting damaged stock and unsellable stock.

    Here is an idea.

    Instead of discounting it to zero makes either a buy one gets one free group sell or a 3 for 2 special deal.

    Alternatively, bundle the unsellable item with a sellable item in a group to sell it, e.g. an old magazine worth nothing can be packaged with a new popular magazine's edition. The proposed buyer will be rapt as they want one magazine, and they are getting the second free. You are rapt too as it a sale you may not have got, and it cost you nothing as the old magazine is worth nothing.

    What you will notice is that your customers will tend to see this as an add-on reward so less likely to devalue your brand in the minds of the customer by excessive discounting.

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  • Using Microsoft office

    Our point of sale software talks to Microsoft Office which is in my experience a terrific program to use but in practice does require a lot of learning.

    So if you feel you need to learn more to get a grip with its functions. Microsoft has released a training resourses and a roadmap here for it.

    You will find these top-quality and highly instructional.

    If you do not have Microsoft Office and do not want to get it, you can always with our system use the free Open Office system which is also extremely powerful.

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