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  • Automatic price changes

    How many of you can remember in the dark ages of DOS point of sale software when systems were so old that you had to change manually the price of newspapers and then stop and start them for public holidays when they would not be issued well luckily with modern systems this process is fully automatic. It saves heaps of time. It was worth upgrading just for this.


    The following newspapers will be updated automatically.

    [2017-10-01]: The Monday to Friday edition of the Age will change from $2.80 to $3.00 GST inclusive from Monday 2nd of October [2017-10-06]: The Saturday edition of the Age will change from $3.80 to $4.00 GST inclusive from Saturday 7th of October [2017-10-07]: The Sunday edition of the Age will change from $3.30 to $3.50 GST inclusive from Sunday 8th of October [2017-10-01]: The Monday to Friday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald will change from $2.80 to $3.00 GST inclusive from Monday 2nd of October [2017-10-06]: The Saturday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald will change from $3.80 to $4.00 GST inclusive from Saturday 7th of October [2017-10-06]: The Sunday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald will change from $3.30 to $3.50 GST inclusive from Saturday 7th of October

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  • Online advertising

    It has been said that if we continue the way we are, there will be two advertisers left Google and Facebook. Well, that is an exaggeration, online is about 10% of the world's advertising budget but its growth is certainly phenomenal see here

    As I did not like their graph, I made a graph to show you what it looks like.

    As you can see in two years, the market gone up, 74% of that Google has gone up by 46% and Facebook is 178%. I think SMB needs to start to look at this form of advertising. We have too.

    The first one I suggest you look at is Facebook, particularly if your market is local. Part of the reason is that Facebook very easy to use. It is one of the most affordable and is extremely effective. What I like is that it is easy to target a specific audience based on your location, age, interests, etc. This will help you take advantage to spread the word about your offers.

    Furthermore, what I suggest you look at is Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. With these small businesses can run with the big guys often for free. The key here is to know your product, be authentic and above all connect with people. Show your passion!

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  • fingerprinter scanners review

    Now people are using fingerprint scanners for EFTPOS and credit cards. This shows how far the technology here has progressed as no one even a few years ago would suggest serious this.

    In practice, I have found fingerprint scanners in point of sale quick and easy to use. What has turned out to be very handy with these scanners, is in the morning when a shop is dark, you can use a fingerprint scanner much easier than using a key or punching in numbers and codes. From what I have seen in most places they work really well but there are a few places that report problems, and these are not minor problems.

    The actual error rate of a good-quality scanner is generally quoted at about 1 in 50,000. In a shop used by staff who are doing 300 transactions a day, that would be one error in three months, which would probably be acceptable.

    Several credible experts do say that they can crack many of these fingerprint scanners. I tested ours with some of their suggestions on our fingerprint scanners like putting my fingerprints on sticky tape and could not fool our scanners. So I want more proof on this but anyone wanting such scanners should be aware of this. So I would suggest that currently do not use it outside the shop but inside where you can monitor it.

    In practice, people do need to get used to it. They have to learn to move their finger not too fast and not too slow. Their fingers have to be clean and dry, water even damp fingers from sweat can cause problems in reading the fingerprints. So I do suggest registering a few fingers because sometimes, one finger does not work.

    Furthermore, the sensor needs to be clean as well. So I suggest people keep a dry microfiber cloth nearby the scanner.

    Moreover, these scanners need to be sturdy, in a shop they will take over many years a lot of punishment. People will while scanning items, hit it. I have seen some smashed scanners when they were hit too hard. Some have spilt coffee over them.

    Some will, for some reason, stop working, generally this can be fixed by simply pulling the cable out, waiting a bit and putting it back in. It does not happen much but if it does happen, then this is what you have to know to do.

    A problem that you may get is that scanners do get superseded and support stops. Often a change in windows version can cause problems too. A client of ours went from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and we could not get a driver for their fingerprint scanner that worked.

    Overall, I think where fingerprint scanners are very good is for internal security, say staff members in a SMB. If you want to know more, click here for a post with many more details.

    Want to know more contact us.

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  • Support on AFL GRAND FINAL

    This Friday, is a public holiday in Victoria because of the 2017 AFL Grand Final.

    Support will be as usual as we are diverting the phones to our interstate support bays. Our week-end support and after hours numbers will be the same as usual over the weekend.

    Hopefully, you will not need it, so you can appreciate the match, come Saturday.

    It has been a great season and being a Victorian, I am now going for Richmond, but I do think that Adelaide is the better team. In any case, as neither team have had a win for ages in the Grand Final, so who ever is victorious its long overdue.

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  • Pictures from the Perth GNS Fair

    Now we are the only point of sale software provider at the GNS show but there was a time that it had many point of sale software companies presenting. Over the years, the churn hit and one by one they dropped out so over the years many came over to us. Today only we were left in Perth.

    Here are some pictures of our stand at the show.

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  • Bill payment markets still going strong

    Acceptance of bill payments despite what some say are a huge market today, which is available to all our clients free.

    Currently, the Australian market is estimated at $20 billion. That is a lot of foot traffic. Let us say that the people using this service, have an average bill between $50 and $150, that is about 200 million transactions. That is a lot of foot traffic, which is what merchants who offer bill payment services are looking at. A study of those merchants who use it shows that typically, each merchants process around 40-60 transactions per month but some newsagents we see much higher volumes of 200 transactions with some reaching 300 plus.

    Apart giving their customers (existing as well as prospective) even more reasons to walk into the shop, the newsagent earns a rebate of $0.50 per transaction which I believe is the highest rate on offer.

    Plus there is nothing you have to spend extra with us as you can use your POS Solutions system!

    It is fully integrated, all you need to do is a couple of keystrokes, on the cash register screen.

    I suggest that you seriously consider it in your shop. You get free posters and signage. There are no costs to the merchant – no monthly fee, no commitment to stay on. So it's not surprising that with this system, about 50 merchants are joining a month.

    Most of you on Monday will get a formal letter of offer sent by email from us.

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  • 99 cents vs $1, $1.99 vs $2, $2.99 vs $3, etc

    This post is just to get you to think. One trick that most retailers have learned is that for many products it is much better to sell it at 99 cents rather than $1, that $1.99 sells more than $2, etc.

    Well research has shown mixed results depending on the products however for some products it certainly works well.

    Here is a table by a US site which listed people that viewed products compared to those that brought it broken down by price points, the results are quite spectacular, particularly on items less than $2 where they were getting almost double the sales.

    If you read more then click here.

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  • A chatbot for business information

    A chatbox is a robot, that talks to you.

    This chatbox growthbot is a free business information service specially designed to supply information for business and among other points, it can tell you about other companies and organisations. This is often extremely useful in business and retail in particular. It is I am sure you will find a great source of information for when you are starting to look.

    It is now in early beta and its full of errors but it is getting better.

    Let ask it firstly who are "point of sale software providers australia"

    So it has us number one. Great stuff I like that score.

    Now say for example I was research my company "POS Solutions", to make it work, I find it better to use the website which is which identifies us exactly.

    So I ask growthbot here

    Which is not a bad answer for a first attempt.

    Now lets see what my competitors are

    I would not say that most of these are NOT our competitors but it does have some that are right. All I have to do is press the number and I will have details about them.

    Let find out our company structure.

    Well it missed one but I am there.

    Okay let us check our website

    Well its good website but can be improved, actually we are currently working on a new website.

    Lets see what google advertising we are using to push our website

    This is true, currently we are not using any keywords but we are thinking about doing this so it may change very soon.

    Let us see what was popular on our website

    Well they are both very important function in point of sale, so I am happy about that.

    Let see what tech my company uses on the web.

    This is something, I am going to have to study

    And so on you can go on, there are heaps of question you can ask.

    Overall I will say that this is either something you will find very useful or totally useless. So give it a try and see how you go. You will need to have a facebook and messenger account to use it, and if you have these then click here to start.

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  • Our two latest online websites

    Today every retailer needs to consider a website. What makes our system unique is that it works directly through the point of sale software so the person that knows the existing point of sale system can maintain and use the website. There is no new system to learn.

    Here are some websites that we have just done.

    This is a newsagent, Nextra Dianella click here. On their website as you can see they sell a range of art supplies, ink and giftware. They are only new, but they are already getting quite a bit of business through it.

    This is a garden supplier, Frogmore Gardens they are a boutique plant nursery that specialise in perennials, shrubs bulbs and seeds.

    If you want to know about getting yourself online please click here.

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