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  • School book program changes 2007

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    The following has been done in the new version of the school book program

    Added new fee reports in report section

    We have added an interim report into stock order screen to get it press f8 after loading order.

    Now when entering payments under the payments tab, if payment method 'cheque' selected once you click 'Take Payment' you a prompt to enable you to add cheque under the account.

    You can edit the line description (i.e. the stock description) by pressing F5 for both the student booklist and the class booklist.

    Under School Book Package > functions > Utilities. You will find a new tab 'Aging Process'. This tab will allow you to bulk move students into a New Year or bulk delete students from a particular year.

    You can now unfinalise quotes/classes or student booklists from the function > Utilities tab. When refinalizing an Active Price-List you will be asked if you wish to updated all linked classes. By selected Yes for this choice the system will automatically update all relevant class lists. When refinalizing a Class Booklist you will be asked if you wish to update all relevant student booklists. PLEASE NOTE: That if an individual student's Qty for an item has been changed from the default Qty the Qty will not be changed.

    Changes done and now being checked so scheduled soon release

    School Books > Reports you will find a new report 'Profit By School', This report will show a breakdown of all items on booklist for a particular school and include all student totals.

    In School Books > Setup you will soon find a new alternative 'Allow EMA Method'. With this alternative you will be able to select a payment EMA method default. If 'EMA Method' is enabled when entering the student tab, you will find a checkbox 'EMA student'. If this checkbox is ticked when selecting a student in the payment tab it will default to the preselected EMA payment method.

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  • Pro Shoplifter Showing hows it's done.

    Categories: Industry, Law

    This one is just scary. It is going around now on youtube.

    AT first I thought it was a newsagent he was hitting but now I think it is a post office. But it could be a newsagent it is so close.


    Looking at it I suspect that it is not as easy as it looks as I noticed that he is only going where it is busy. Nor is he looking for security cameras. He must have done his research first.

    You can write a comment here

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  • Not just newsagents complaining about the wraparound on a paper

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    I thought is was interesting that it is not just newsagents that
    complain about it. The journalists at The Sydney Morning Herald were complaining over their newspaper's use of a wraparound. They think that it "imperils the prestige and integrity of the paper,"

    Click here to read what they thought about it.,25197,22652732-7582,00.html

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  • Dos Training with Rob from Parkmore Centre Newsagency

    Categories: Training

    Rob came in to get some help with his Dos system from Leon and me. We predominately spoke about invoicing magazines from XChangeIT. He was having this issue where when he brought in the magazines they were linked to the wrong items. This was causing him major issues with putaways – customers would have the wrong magazine assigned to them when they come in. Also occasionally when he scanned a magazine in the register it would come up with the wrong item. This is all due to incorrect invoicing. Leon and I took Rob through the process of bringing in the magazine and either matching it to an existing item, or if the item is not in his system, creating a new one and establishing the link.

    Rob had a few other small queries which we answered and by the end of the session he was feeling a bit more confident – we gave him some documents to take home and go through. We told Rob to call if he had any further issues or just wanted to make queries. It was nice to be able to show the client what to do rather than describing it over the phone like I am used to. Hopefully when he goes back to his store he’s now able to invoice like we showed him and avoid those problems he was coming across.

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  • Subby Orders Update to Pos Browser.

    Categories: Software, Newspapers

    Recently performance has been improved with the loading and editing of subagent orders. The orders section has been changed to allow selection of what type of orders (i.e. you can view a breakdown) to speed up loading time considerably.

    Here’s how it works.

    From the side menu, select Subagents and then Subagent Maintenance. Call up a subby and then select the type of order under the Standing Orders tab. Your page should look like this:

    Make a selection and then click the Get Orders button. You are then shown the paper orders for the conditions you have chosen. Note: you can change tabs now to view the other breakdowns.

    Pos Browser is constantly being update to become faster and more useful.

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  • Greeting card categories

    Categories: Announcements [B], Software, Conferences, Industry

    Years ago all the card companies came together at a big meeting and agreed on a standard industry wide card classification method. Then they all went back and used something different. When challenged all card companies would announced that they were following the industry standard. Finally we had enough.

    For technical reasons with POS software I decided the John Sands category system would be the easiest. So I went to Ron Thorpe the National Business Development Manager for Hallmark Cards in Australia and explained to him the situation. He then asked me what I needed. I told him what I need is for Hallmark to follow the Australian standard and then tongue-in-cheek presented him with the John Sands category under the heading Australian Standard. He immediately assigned one of his staff Kim Kan to produce a file with Hallmark cards of this category standard. What even made it nicer for us was only our clients could do it as Kim Kan only sent this file to me!

    I then went to many of small card companies and told them this is the standard. John Sands do it, Hallmark do it, this company does it etc so you should be able to do it and generally they would. Soon our clients were handling integrated card layout.

    Our clients were happy and we were happy as we picked up a few good deals out of it as the card representatives soon discovered that only POS Solutions could handle integrated card layouts.

    These happy times lasted until Kim Kan left Hallmark. Without Hallmark, we were back to no industry standard. So off I went to Ron Thorpe again. He told me he was working on it with John Sands as we speak. This I already knew as earlier John Sands had already spoken to us about it. However interestingly Ron committed himself to a new system in place by 13th August 2007.

    Well it is now October 25, 2007. It is still not done. However it is not from lack of activity as my meeting yesterday with one of the managers Ron Popp of John Sands and Hallmark showed.

    It was a very productive meeting, I thought what the three of us today have agreed at the meeting was to have meaningful names for the cards. Soon your customer if they look at the receipt will have something that makes sense for them for example not “Everyday card” but say “Mum’s Birthday card”

    Furthermore what we now have is a Proposed Card Classification of 16 pages of specification and discussion notes with an extra one page summary. Although no agreed card standard yet we are close! Remember there are about 28 companies involved all with different systems all who have to agree. So this is not a quick process as everyone is looking at something that can last about six years.

    What is proposed now though is great! I would be prepared to run with it *AS IS*.

    All cards are going to be divided into several groups.
    The first seven will be.

    1) Product type – The physical description of the product for example Boxed Card, Flat Wrap, Calendars etc
    2) The Occasion for example Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well etc
    3) The Gender of the recipient for example Male, Female, General etc
    4) The relationship to the recipient for example Mother, Father etc
    5) The lifestage or Age for example Adult, Teenage, Age 3 etc
    6) The Segment style for example Comic, Inspirational, Photographic
    7) The Colour mainly used in Wrapping paper

    I thought that number four was a particularly brilliant idea.

    Then we are also going to include a range somewhere else for example Spiderman, Anne Geddes etc probably using author field of the stock file.

    I cannot wait to get it going and I am sure once we do our clients will pickup an extra 5% in card sales.

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  • The Australian Press Council 2007

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    The Australian Press Council has just issued its 2007 Supplement to its 2006 report. This is the best report on the industry available with one particularly interesting point from our view, nowhere are newsagents even mentioned.

    Still the report is available here for reading online.

    I do recommend that you read chapter 2 which has a detailed study on current circulation.

    If you prefer you can download a pdf version of the report here.

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  • Newsagent and XchangeIT data sales

    Categories: Industry, Magazine

    Recently XchangeIT gave us some excel sheets on the data that our clients have been sending. By a lucky accident they included a few accounts that were from several competitors. So giving us a chance to compare what we were sending in comparison to what they were sending.

    The percentage of our clients sending is still low about 70% of our competitors. The good news is when we rolled the sites back to see how we had been going before the campaign we could see that our current campaign has clearly worked. Considering that we only started to push sales data in the last few months this is an better then expected score. Clearly here we have more work to do.

    However the reality is that it is not just sending it, the problem is that if the data does not arrive daily it is often useless. That is why the old Dartboard made such a big deal about when the data was being sent.

    So we decided to compare figures for accuracy by using how often the data was sent as a guide. It did confirm what we have been told a few times by the magazine company analysist the data coming though with us is the best. This confirmation made me feel good!

    Having said all of this, the best sales data unless it is available is useless. Currently the magazine producers don’t get any sales figures till too late. If you produced a magazine in late May, you released it in late June and you got no sales figures till late September. That is four issues later. Now try doing your subagents not knowing the last four sales figures and see how accurate you are. Is it any wonder that they overproduce? A big problem is to get the distributors to issue estimated sales data to the magazine producers daily. This is what the newsagents are giving the data to do. I was annoyed in my last discussion with them they refused with a comment that they were impressed with my analysis which you can read here.

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  • Models photo shots

    Categories: Announcements [B], Magazine

    I remember one sales manager of a women magazine told me the whole thing is escapism. That is what they are selling to women.

    Keep that in mind when you see this clip on how a fashion picture shot happens. See this.


    It is unbelievable how much it shows and says in just a minute. I found it fasinating how they take a beautiful woman, put her though 5 hours of make-up and shooting, then do about 4 days of Photoshop to come up with the picture. To me the final picture aint real but it looks real so is it any wonder so many women after seeing these pictures in magazines we sell for so long don’t feel pretty enough.

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