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  • Supanews Retail ex franchisee takes legal action

    Categories: Industry, Law

    Corie and Tammy Schwarzl are the former Supanews franchisees from Tuggerah in NSW who are now in dispute with Supanews in the NSW Supreme Court.

    Recently (on 8 May 2008) they went to mediation it failed, so now
    it will continue in the NSW Supreme Court

    They contacted me today to tell me of its progress. Hearing this I can feel the apprehension, fear, stress and confusion that they are feeling now.

    Also they asked me to display their blog site to cover what looks like an important case in the industry taking place now between them and Supanews.

    Please click here.

    For those who do not know much about Supanews please click here.

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  • My previous blog entry on circulation for March 2008

    Categories: Industry, Newspapers

    On a blog entry here on newspaper circulation here using the latest ABC circulation figures, I was challenged on some points by one of the newspaper companies. I agree that to most of my clients, newspapers sales is most important. Customers may buy cards, toys, lotto etc in their shop but the big draw card that brings them in the shop is newspapers. Its importance is beyond just sales.

    The figures I quoted were for circulation, the ABC circulation figures for the March quarter 2008 and for the readership the Roy Morgan figures.

    Attached here is a spreadsheet with my calculations included.

    Also this article here has similar conclusions to mine.

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  • POS Browser User Evening

    Categories: Announcements [B], Industry

    POS Solutions is holding an information evening to demonstrate how POS Browser can help your business with its unsurpassed quality and usability!

    Stock Ordering Setup
    Cash Register Security
    Wireless PDA
    Using X-Offs to Balance Tills
    Useful Reports
    Stock Take
    VIP Systems
    Printing Labels
    Questions & Answers

    Tuesday, 17th June 2008, 7:00pm
    New Lambton Newsagency
    2/52 Regent Street
    New Larmbton NSW 2305

    We would love to see all of our PosBrowser users in the area attend! If you would like to attend, please let us know by filling in the form here.

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  • From an ANF meeting in Newcastle

    Categories: Industry

    Hi all,

    I have just returned from an ANF meeting in Newcastle tonight. The main topic of discussion was BillExpress/DialTime. A few of the major points that I took away from the meeting were:

    ) The $495 per month that Newsagents are paying now, has been sold off as a debt to a finance company. This means, that no matter what happens with BillExpress, the Newsagents will still have to pay the $495 per month to the finance company for the remainder of their contract period.

    ) It was suggested that BillExpress/DialTime owe up to $80 million to Optus alone.

    ) The ANF have been negotiating with alternative suppliers of phone credit, and will be making an announcement soon on other options for Newsagents.

    ) There are up to 9 different contracts out there that people have signed with BillExpress/DialTime

    A lot of Newsagents agreed to install a new advertising screen from BillExpress over the last couple of years, with the promise of increased revenue from signing up other local businesses to advertise on the screen. When this new screen was installed, the BillExpress contract was extended by BillExpress by 12 or 24 months. Quite often, the Newsagent was unaware of this, and are only finding out when they make inquiries about canceling the service at the end of their contract. At this point, they are being informed that they have up to 24 months more on their contract than they expected.

    ) The general consensus from the agents at the meeting, after hearing all of this, was that they are stuck with the $495 p/m no matter what happens, and they want to look to the future, and make sure that they have an uninterrupted system for selling phone credit.

    There is also a NANA meeting on Thursday that was mentioned tonight. I will contact NANA tomorrow to find out more, and if it is worth me attending as well.

    I’ll keep you all informed as I find out more.


    Garth Brennan
    Senior Newsagency Support

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  • ABC New circulation figures for the March quarter 2008

    Categories: Announcements [B], Industry, Magazine, Newspapers

    The same trend that I reported in the previous Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) figures is occurring this quarter. The main one that interests us is newspapers and it is the same. The national newspapers, like the Australian, increased in circulation, but overall we can see a continuing fall in newspaper circulation.

    Overall the results show an overall loss of about 1.5% in newspaper circulation for the same quarter of 2007. Which is a bit worse then last quarter, but we had the election then which would have inflated the circulation figures slightly.

    As I reported then magazines are down again, particularly woman magazines which took a hammering. Women are just not buying magazines like before.

    However readership in magazines and newspapers is up. Probably many readers are now online as they are not buying it in the shop. That is good news for advertiser.

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  • Fairfax from clarity to confusion and back to clarity.

    Categories: Announcements [B], Newspapers

    Well everyone was confused over the last few days about the Fairfax (Age) new pricing structure.

    Yesterday we talked to the good people at Fairfax at length and discovered that they were not sure of what was happening. It took much discussion and many telephone calls to clear it up. Now it appears that Fairfax finally know why so many people have been ringing. They are about to issue a statement to clear up the problems.

    Our documentation on how to handle it is correct. You need to change the prices of the Melbourne Age which is going up.

    There is *no* change yet to the delivery fees.

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  • GG announcement

    Categories: Software, Magazine

    Dear Retailer,

    Due to a production error, the incorrect barcode extension has been printed on the current May21 issue of That's Life magazine, on sale today.

    The human readable barcode says it is 9771321769006 21 which was also in the EDI file, however when scanned, this reads as 9771321769006 25.

    Please ensure that when scanning sales and returns in your POS system, the current May21 issue code, issue and pricing details are retrieved.

    These are:

    Code 20706 or 10348 (TAS)

    Issue 3850

    Current retail price $2.80

    Apologies for the inconvenience.


    Gordon and Gotch Australia Pty Ltd

    If you have not already invoiced the That's life magazine this week you will be able to change the barcode extension on the entry grid while processing the invoice. Then you open the edit and come to the entry grid, highlight the box for Extra Description on That's Life and change the number to the proper barcode extension. You can then continue to process the invoice as per usual.

    If you have already processed your invoices you will need to follow the steps below to change the barcode description.


    Search for an item by description or barcode between the dates of the 12th to the 15th. Make sure to select Entered Date for the date options.

    When the search results appear select the INVOICE which contains the problem magazine by double clicking on it.

    This should now list the item on one of the lines in an entry grid format.

    Click on any of the information for the item (It will not highlight in blue) and then press F3 button on your keyboard.

    Type your staff initials and password.

    You can now edit the extra description. The extra description is the bar code extension.

    Click OK when you are done and this should fix the problem.

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  • VANA training

    Categories: Software, Training

    I arrived at VANA to take a training session yesterday morning to hear it announced at the door, it is canceled. It was a shock both to me and people waiting to do this session. I looked who was there and from what I knew we had enough! Murphy's law again originally we assumed that VANA would be handling the attendance as usual. This time, VANA told us that we should do it. So I did it with Paul. The day before I was sick, so not contactable when Michael was doing last-minute organizing for the meeting. He did not know of my list of people only there were two on Paul's list and thinking only two booked, Michael was shocked. We normally get ten, twenty is not uncommon so he decided to cancel it. So he rang up both clients to cancel. However the ones on my list, showed up. Since I was there and they were too, we carried on with the training.

    These were experienced newsagents who knew the industry having been in it for years. They knew the program and they wanted to learn a little more. With me however, it is full on

    Unfortunately because all I had was one day, I had to skip much. In the morning, we did customers. What I stressed here is the need to do an audit on your customers. It is now so easy for someone to make a minor mistake in the computer so a newspaper is delivered free by the newsagency long after the subscription is over. We often find errors doing changeovers from other systems to ours. Roughly we expect to find in 200 accounts, one error. Since a typical error is about $10 a week or about $500 a year it is worth auditing the accounts. This can be done overtime. Say the accounts starting with A tomorrow. Next week the B's then so on.

    We then went to subagents and then stock. Here I spoke about the need to check slow and zero selling items. I showed them the reports on how to get that information out. Then suggested some work practices here that work. At this point I did not have time to get into the “sigma six” ideas, which also includes the sales of fast-moving items.

    We then moved into the cash register. Since everyone knew the basic functions here, I showed them the cash register department analysis. I covered many such reports. Then showed them how to handle the sales per linear feet and how to monitor it overtime.

    Then later we discussed some of the electronic data interchange that is occurring now, they were surprised how much we had achieved here and finally we discussed some of the new technologies now coming at which point we had to end as the day had ended

    I am waiting to hear their feedback comments. Based on the comments when they left, I suspect they will be positive.

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  • posbrowser training meeting Newcastle

    Categories: Announcements [B], Industry

    Newcastle is now added to the current training sessions. It will be at New Lambton on Tuesday, 17 June at 6:00PM

    When I get more details on it, I will blog it here. Anyone can attend. It is a great chance for you to meet other users of the software and see how they use the program. It is also a great chance to see some of the newest developments.

    It will also be a great chance for you to hear about the latest generation in integrated computer and camera security. Something I am sure, you have never seen unless you worked in a major security organization.

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