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  • New Year To-Do

    2017 is going to pass very soon. Readers it was well filled but no matter what, we are pleased that you were there with us together and thank you for every moment.

    We are grateful you are part of POS Solutions and we are here now only because of the decision you made to join us, and we are grateful for that!

    I hope you enjoyed your shared moments with us.

    So let me wish you a happy 2018, may your wishes come true, stay healthy, laugh and smile more and cry less.


    From the POS Solutions Team

    Here are some To-Do tips to start the new year

    - It is new year's eve, enjoy the moment.

    - Think of the people and events in 2017

    - Review how your goals went in 2017

    - List areas where you can improve in 2018, remember we can all work smarter, increase our productivity, and become more organized

    - Now set goals for 2018

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  • Holidays in Australia 2018

    Well, its time to start detailed planning for 2018, boy did not 2017 go fast.

    Click here for a site that has an excellent list of holidays in Australia, what I particularly like about it, is if I require an explanation on a holiday, all I need to do is click on the holiday and I get a decent description.

    You can also check other countries if required.

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  • Save Time doing a Windows 10 Update

    Windows 10 is now by far the most popular operating system in our marketplace.

    What is happening to many people is that they quite rightly put off doing a Windows 10 update until the last moment at night. This is so to disrupt the shop as little as possible. However, suddenly they discover when they turn on the next morning it can take quite a while before they can use the computers as their system is doing a windows update.

    This is a well-known problem, what is happening is that the actual windows 10 update takes only a short time to install, but most of the work is done when the computer is first switched on!

    To stop this is simple. Click here for details.

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  • Christmas trade was very good for some retailers

    For many retailers, I noticed that Christmas was a bonzer. We was a hot day, and we had to queue up.

    I did not realise just how much of a bonza it was to the retailer till I got to the front of the queue and read this.

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  • Christmas business as usual

    It used to be that come around now, and I used to close our office over the holidays almost entirely. Nothing would happen so what was the point of even staying open, some of our clients close down, and the rest were so busy with their seasonal shoppers that they did not have time to call.

    Well not anymore, support calls are coming in at a rate almost like ordinary only the urgency is considerably more, so there is a lot more work for us. The administrative and engineering staff are working like normal. Right now, sites are being installed as usual. So unlike other point of sale suppliers, we work through this period, nothing closes here 24 hours, seven days a week. Our company never sleeps.

    I suppose our clients are happy knowing they are getting their money's worth with their support contract and can rest assure that we are here if they need us.

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  • NBN nightmare

    One of my clients is having a horrible run now with their changeover to NBN. It was supposed to be a simple changeover.

    Trying to sort it out has been a nightmare plus everytime I call it is taking an hour out our lives when we call their guys on their help desk in the Philippines. So far I will give them a zero score as every deadline up to now the telco company has missed. No new modem has been sent, so the phones do not work, and the internet is intermittently working with wifi knocking out the broadband and the broadband by itself now and then going down.

    In the meantime, we had to rig up a mobile hotspot with his mobile so that they can operate.

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  • Quick retail sales comparson

    Follow this if you want to know how well you are doing now compared to previous years.

    Go to register reports

    Now select the item marked "Sales Comparison for a Given period".

    Note you can do it by a supplier, but that can be done later.

    Now select the dates that you wish to compare. In this example, I have used 2015 and compared to a similar period last year.

    I would recommend as a first attempt comparing

    2/12/2016 to 22/12/2016 AND 1/12/2017 to 21/12/2017

    Now out will appear pages of detailed information showing how you are performing now compared to the previous period.

    After analysing this check out this year 2015 and compared it to now.

    This should give you a pretty good idea of how you are travelling now.

    This is just another example of how powerful our point of sale software is for retail management.

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  • Merry Christmas from POS Solutions!

    The POS Solutions team would like to wish all of our readers and supporters here a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

    To all our readers and supporters here, thank you for your continued support in 2017. The POS Solutions team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    We hope in 2018 you will continue to enjoy and engage with other progressive-minded retailers in debates on issues.

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  • Telco products down

    There have been issues now with touch telco products. We are not sure what is the cause of the problem but we think its a recent windows update.We are working now with Touch to try and solve it.

    In the meantime we do have a quick fix that solves the problem.

    So if you have problems with touch please contact us ASAP.

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  • Business + Politics = Catastrophe

    A debate started when one of my competitors started to talk about getting his business involved in some recent political debate in a non political form. I disagreed with them on business getting involved.

    Here is a report here on just how disastrous it can be.

    According to the report somewhere between 25% to 41% of the population will stop doing business with you, if they do not like your politics or business practices and 59% of those that leave will never come back.

    Do not do it, it is dumb.

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