November 2018

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Thu, 01/11/2018 Point of sale + MYOB + Quickbooks + Xero

Accounting process

Our POS software integrates seamlessly into many leading accounting systems. This reduces much of the data entry and eliminates the error that occurs with manual entry of entering in daily sales, payment, accounts, stock movement, etc. 

This allows you to spend less time with your accounts and so have more time for other things plus be more accurate at the same time. 

Thu, 01/11/2018 Halloween 2018 NASA

Halloween Saturn NASA 2018


Come Halloween, most of our clients did something to take advantage of the holiday traffic as it is becoming more accepted and more Australian mainstream.

So did a lot of other organisations, NASA deciding the time was right, released this picture today showing that there is something spooky now in our solar system. 


Fri, 02/11/2018 Flash sales

Crazy Halloween Sale

Everyone is trying to get some more retail sales. One of the most effective methods is a flash sale where you have a great deal going on offer now for a very limited time.

Sun, 04/11/2018 SWOT analysis for retail

In my position, invariably as some organisation comes up with an idea that they want use of our point of sale software the second person I meet after the organiser is the consultant and the first thing that this consultant wants to do is a SWOT analysis.

First off

It has become the framework for thought for business today in Australia. 

What makes it so powerful, is that it is easy to do once you get the hang of it, in groups.  Although it works well, I find just with one person.

Mon, 05/11/2018 Speed up the cash register queues - seven tips

First of all

Studies show the average time a person will wait is 6 to 7 minutes in a queue before walking out. This is the average, some will not wait at all, and some will walk out if they see a long line. Also studies show that shoppers have a long memory and if it was slow the last time, they often do not come back. The loss of trade here is calculated at about 10% of overall sales. 

Bottom line

Mon, 05/11/2018 Melbourne Cup today

Our Melbourne Office is closed today but support will be done through our NSW office today plus you will have access to our after-hours support

Melbourne Cup 2017

If you are having a punt, I wish you good luck. Unfortunately, it looks like we will have some rain, which always mucks up the horse selection so I would not recommend making a selection until the course condition is clear.


Wed, 07/11/2018 Black Friday

Black Friday is considered to be the official start the Christmas shopping retail season. In the US it is one of the busiest retail days of the year. Its importance in Australia is growing as you can see here.

Black Friday on Google Trends 2018

Thu, 08/11/2018 Credit limits

One of the main reasons for small business failure is poor credit management.

Now the problem is

Many people will not deal with you without credit yet it is too easy to sell on credit to a customer and as they come in, for your staff allow them to get more and more money outstanding, and then you find out later that you are looking at a long and big problem trying to collect it all. I know from personal experience trying to recover debt can be stressful and time-consuming and it is also a great way of making enemies. 

Mon, 12/11/2018 Another court case over

 Although I do not want to name names, one of our clients, a small newsagent has finally settled with one of their old suppliers their case. The amount of money our client has recovered about a quarter of a million dollars which is not all their loss and they have to bear their costs which will make a substantial dent to the payout figure.  I will not be surprised if it is over half the payout amount.

So I think it is a good example to discuss the dangers of taking on agency sales in modern retail. 

Mon, 12/11/2018 Busiest retail days of the years coming!

Are you prepared for Christmas?

Being prepared

 We are now to the start of this year's festive season, have you checked to make sure that everything technically works? 

Here is an interesting question to ask yourself, what will be the cost to your business if you suffer a Point of Sale outage on this holiday? 

Wed, 14/11/2018 Make a shop user guide

User guide for a POS Software

This is a tip. Open up a computer editor like notepad or Microsoft Word and start a user guide making pages on what to do at the end of the day, week, month, quarter and year end. Now save it on the windows screen. This is now your user guide.

Thu, 15/11/2018 Problem with cloud storage


A word of caution:

Cloud storage as it is a third-party system is inherently risky. What it is, is another person's computer that you are putting on your information.

If that computer is in another country, then the information is also subjected to another country's legal system, in some cases, this may be an issue with Australian law. 

Fri, 16/11/2018 Improving your WIFI



WIFI now is indispensable and here are some tips if you have problems with your WIFI signal in your retail shop.

Measure the problem

You cannot do much till you have measurements, the WIFI app that I like to use to help me judge WIFI signal strength is WIFI Overview 360 Pro available on google play free. I suggest you first get a copy. 

Sat, 17/11/2018 Top customers by visits

In retail getting customers to come more often to the shop is vital.


Why do some customers come often and others do not?

Have you thought about this tried to figure out why some come a lot?

If you know, maybe you can use this information to get more people to come to your shop. Well, let us do that!

In your point of sale software and go into register reports>customers

There you will find a report "Top customers"

Mon, 19/11/2018 Stock Performance Reporting by supplier

It is said that "The devil is in the detail."

In retail, its the item that sells not the category or the department! 

A supplier rep is coming to see you, no doubt they are a friendly person. They have been briefed, they have an excellent overview of the market for their product, the odds are they know how their stock is moving in your store better then you do and they know your shops potential for their product better than you but they also have an agenda to get you to sell more of their product.

Tue, 20/11/2018 Tips on naming your computer

Today is Name your computer day


Name your computer day

So it is an excellent time to review and give you some tips in naming your computer.

Basically, I suggest a name that reduces confusion and allows it to be easy to remember. Also like a pet, today most people like to give their computer a name.

Wed, 21/11/2018 Speed improvement

Speed improvement

On the newer version of our point of sale software, you will see soon an increase in speed on starting the cash register. We have done a lot of work to make it go faster still. 

This will make it quicker to add another register.

Here are some good tips if you find that your queues are getting too long. 




Wed, 21/11/2018 Afterpay Touch

Some of you will need to upgrade to the new after

pay touch software.

Afterpay touch

Update 3/12/18

Please contact us as the links have been removed 










Thu, 22/11/2018 Booster bags

A "booster bag" or "magic bag" has been used by professional shoplifters for years to beat security detectors. 

Magic booster bags

Thu, 22/11/2018 AMAZON back flips, it is reopening its American site to Aussie


Amazon Australia as I expected has not done well, the problem is not that our retailers are inefficient or not tech-savvy but our overpriced, undependable and slow delivery services which are holding us back in e-commerce plus our small comparative market. 

Fri, 23/11/2018 The years 10 busiest shopping days are here

Studies in the US  which I believe are valid here show that 45% of all shopping traffic in bricks-and-mortar shops in the Christmas season occurs on the following ten days. 

Mon, 26/11/2018 Automating your VIP club today

Do yourself a favour, while you are trying to collect customers email addresses, try and lose the manual process of asking people for the address and filling it in manually. Set it up on the net, a collection form and let your customers fill it in. 

If you are using an email marketing software, like MailChimp which we link into it has built in such a form.

Tue, 27/11/2018 Unified commerce now

Unified commerce

Why do you need unified commerce  in retailing? 

In our marketplace, as far as I know, we are the only ones offering this. The problem now is that many retailers have a point of sale software, and have or are planning to have a website where they can advertise and sell online. This is called the omnichannel approach. 

Tue, 27/11/2018 Afterpay/touch


There are problems now with the Afterpaytouch POS software. We are looking into it with them now. Currently, we strongly suggest that you do not load their latest software until we can resolve this situation.

Wed, 28/11/2018 Power of 1%

Increase by 1%

Peter Abeles one of Australia's greatest businessmen in his book talked about how just 1% difference could make a huge difference to a business. What he recommended was looking at significant factors in a business and trying to change them by 1%. 

Of course, nothing can look at a business better or faster than a computer.

Thu, 29/11/2018 Telco recharge benchmarked Nov 2018


Telco recharge is very easy to install and sell in our point of sale software, and it has become for many of our clients' a major line. Many of our clients, do offer it as a service at their shops. 

The big plus is that it brings people into the shop as the amount of work involved is almost zero, and there is nothing upfront — all it is on the register another button.

Thu, 29/11/2018 Afterpay emergency update going out now

We are sending out tonight automatic emergency upgrade for the afterpay software. It will not solve all the current problems, but it will answer those that we can address.

So all our clients should be fixed tonight and tomorrow morning at the latest.

Currently, our advice is to ignore the message to upgrade for the time being and continue as before as it appears that Afterpay still has some issues. We are working with them on this.

Fri, 30/11/2018 Current point of sale computers

Point of Sale computers

No one has much space nowadays behind the counter it is in the checkout area, and people want to use the space for practical things that sell rather than big computers. So here is a picture of our current computer specially built with a point of sale areas where it is often hot and dusty. 

You can have it in i3, i5 or i7.

On speed test we did, the i5 was very fast.