October 2018

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Mon, 01/10/2018 International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day


If you are interested in some marketing idea for today, what about trying to market coffee today as today is the International Coffee Day? It should be good for a few sales. 

Such things are easy to set up in your receipts in your POS system. If you have a VIP club it is easy to send email newsletters out.

Tue, 02/10/2018 Christmas is coming

It is October now, and already we can start to see that retailers are getting ready for the holiday season. 

As the economy is doing well now and the public mood seems positive, this looks like it will be a good Christmas. 

Christmas trends over 5 years measured in 2018

Wed, 03/10/2018 Software on Change of Business Ownership

Under new management

When you buy or sell a business, one point that you need to consider is the ownership of the software you think you are buying.

What most likely this business has a license that gives them the right to use that software, on a non-exclusive and non-transferable basis. Legally the business cannot transfer this license to someone else without the consent of the software owner.  

Thu, 04/10/2018 Stock know your 1%

There is a rule that seems to show up all the time that 1% of the population participate, 9% occasionally participate and the other 90%  do nothing. It is called the 1% rule although a lot of people call it the 90/10 rule. 

We see something like this is stock.

Here is a graph of a reasonable size shop with sales in order of the top selling items to the worst selling items based on retail turnover.

Fri, 05/10/2018 Chinese tourist and Alipay

Alipay Australia

Sat, 06/10/2018 Day light savings tomorrow

Daylight saving time adjustment has come again. 

Although today most computers automatically adjust the time some for some reason miss this update so check tomorrow that our computers' clocks have the correct time. Last time we had a client in Queensland which should not have adjusted but did as the location was wrongly set to NSW time. So even if you are in say Western Australia which does not change it is a good idea to check.  

Mon, 08/10/2018 Information and the growing importance of 1%

What is driving retail today is information. A few days ago, I talked of the 1% rule. Let me show you another example. 

Taking from the ATO benchmark study they give what I consider the best benchmarking figures for typical businesses in Australia today, so I picked a stationery shop just because it is something most of us can quickly get our head around.

Putting in typical figures for their figures, I made this chart.

Tue, 09/10/2018 Australia's best shopping days

Retail sales


Anyone in retail here in Australia these are the most important based on marketing surveys in descending order

Wed, 10/10/2018 Australian retail sales up a bit

Overall most retailers are pleased with the latest retail figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It shows a moderate increase. The report itself is available here.


Now since this is coming out in excel, what you might want to do is merge your figures with an appropriate set of figures from this report to see how you compare with an average appropriate to you.

Thu, 11/10/2018 Heavy items

In your shop, what is strongly suggested all things being equal that you keep heavy goods on or near the floor! Although there is no limit as such, as a general guide anything over 45 kgs needs to be looked at ASAP.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Legally a heavy item depends, on many factors eg if the item is wet or slippery if the items are stored in a cramped area so that people had to assume awkward positions to lift them etc. Here is a guide for retail {Link removed} that explains much of it from a legal point of view.

Fri, 12/10/2018 Barcode scanner range

Scanners are explicitly made for use in mind. Some are long range. Some are short range, middle range, etc. It certainly is not the case that dearer scanner is the best one for you to use in all circumstances.

I have seen scanners that can read a bar code as close as few centimetres away and some that need at least 300 cm to scan the same barcode. 

Sun, 14/10/2018 Aldi slams loyalty programs

Reward cards

Aldi, here has made an extraordinary attack, on Coles and Woolworths, claiming that they are not worth chasing.  They have made a calculator to show how small the benefits of these people's rewards program.

Mon, 15/10/2018 Pet Shop Software on display at AusPet 2018

AusPet trade show 2018

Our Pet Shop management software considered the best in Australia will be on show at AusPet 2018 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Friday. It has more users than any other Pet Shop Software in Australia.

Mon, 15/10/2018 Disadvantages of direct bank deposit

Direct bank deposit

In an effort to reduce banking costs, some people have asked us instead of Zippay can they offer a direct bank account system as cash is slowly declining.

Tue, 16/10/2018 Retail apocalypse in Australia?

The retail apocalypse in the US is the closing of a large number of brick-and-mortar retail stores and shopping malls from 2010. Here are some haunting photos of abandoned shopping malls across America


The question being raised in Australia now is going to happen here too? It is difficult to say, but so far almost everyone agrees that it has not happened yet. 

Wed, 17/10/2018 Make an event - marketing tip

Cosmopolitan magazine

I was stunned when I was informed today that Bauer Media is cutting Cosmopolitan Australia in December, as commercially it is no longer viable. In the process another eleven jobs have are gone, and another restructuring and centralisation are underway.

Thu, 18/10/2018 Comparisons with previous sales figures

Our point of sale software reporting feature allows you to dive into your sales so you can get a better understanding of your business.

Thu, 18/10/2018 Holidays - who's minding the store?


You are planning a holiday. It going to be a great time.

Fair enough everyone needs to get their batteries recharged and stepping away for a week or two is I think a necessity. If you are like me, you need a week of holidays just to unwind enough to start enjoying the holidays. You start making plans, counting the days 

But hang on a minute...

Fri, 19/10/2018 Software support cost

Software support

Tue, 23/10/2018 Rental of point of sale software

Rent vs buy

There are several tax and management advantages to renting rather than leasing a POS system.  Overall the costs are in my experience, a bit dearer with the rental. 

Generally, these rentals are done for a four year period. At the conclusion of the agreement, you have the following options

1) Return the system to us which we accept as long as it is in good working order.

Wed, 24/10/2018 Favourite reports for monthly reports

They say that a business is "not a product of circumstances. but of decisions"

No decision should be made without facts and your point of sale software has lots of facts.  We have hundreds of reports, more then any other system I know.

So here is a tip, organise the reports you want in your favourite folder, these are all the reports that you want to run regularly so you can find them when you require.


Point of Sale Software favourite reports

Thu, 25/10/2018 Verifying an order sent with a photo

Here is a tip that you can do with our point of sale software that one of our clients is doing.

Sending goods

When you pack a parcel to send off to a customer, lay the goods out and take a picture with your smartphone. Then attach this picture to the invoice in the POS System. That way you will have a photo ID of what was sent.

Fri, 26/10/2018 The end of laybys

Christmas is coming, it is less than two months away and I was talking to a few clients who do a lot of laybys, their laybys are down, way down on last year. 

I decided to check with google trends, as to what the Australian market thinks.

Layby vs afterpay over the past three years

Fri, 26/10/2018 Retail Express advertising Retail Express, who probably consider us their biggest competitor released many advertisements which we considered as being misleading and deceptive.
Mon, 29/10/2018 Why Integrate Your eCommerce Website and your Point of Sale Software?

eCommerce website

The major reason is it is more practical, quicker and easier to use, as you do not need to learn and operate two separate systems. 

It is almost certainly a cheaper solution too as you are only buying one system, not two.

With two separate systems, someone will need to move information from one system to another.

A typical cycle might be something like this. 

Tue, 30/10/2018 Microsoft's Windows 10 future


I was reading this report on the Microsoft financial report here. {link been removed}

Most of their revenue now comes from cloud-based products like Office 365.

Wed, 31/10/2018 Lottoland stopped in Germany


In a story that sounds very familiar to an Aussie, the German courts have ruled that Lottoland may not run in Germany and Lottoland may not accept German gamers. Apparently in Germany Lottoland is taking about 7% of the local lottery sales now.