Two marketing holidays are coming up, Chinese New Year on Friday, 12 February, and Valentine's Day on Sunday, 14 February. 

I hope you have something to offer for each of these holidays.

As you can see, public interest in both in Australia is high based on google searches. So there will be much there.

I am sure that Chinese New Year 2021 will be more important to retailers than in previous years. This is due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  What people tell me is that Chinese New Year as a marketing holiday is growing longer. Many are reporting Chinese people buying now and expect it to continue after the holiday for a while.

Although many retail experts are not sure about Valentine's Day, as it was big last year but not so big the year before. Still, many are reluctant to go out to restaurants. They are not going on big trips so that they will need product.




What Google Trend shows is that people are looking for ideas.

Please make sure you have something.

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