Blogs published on 05-02-2020



Yesterday, one of our clients went down, and they had no backup. We had to rebuild the hard drive and managed to get most of it back. Then after patching, we managed to get them going.

Every site without exception should have a backup. There was a court case where the judge ruled that backups are the user's responsibility, and it not done it is misuse.

Okay, why should you backup here would be a few reasons?

- A computer is a mechanical device; any part of it can fail and go down. 

- A virus/ransomware can wipe out your computer. Our clients get now about one major attack a week.

- You accidentally destroyed your information

- Power surge, I have seen computers fried.

Along as you have a backup, we can put together a computer, send it out to you, and you can often be running the same or next day.

Here are four rules for backup

- Make sure you are doing *regular* backups, we have had to sometimes restore people with old backups as such they lost their records for several days of trading. 

- Make sure you have at least one backup secure in another physical location, e.g. home, you never know what can happen to the shop, e.g. fire.

- Do not rely on "the cloud". The cloud is simply someone else computer, and it can go down too, for peace of mind, I would strongly recommend that you have a physical copy.

- Make a cloud backup, cost nothing with our system, and it is fastest and convenient to use.


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