Blogs published on 30-12-2019


In your POS System, sometimes finding the pertinent information on a report is tricky.    It can be a lengthy report on screen and say suddenly you want for some reason to find one card titled "Red rose on the heart."  on a sales report to see what you sold it for and you do not want to hunt for it.

As you can see here marked with a red arrow, this report they printed was 13,533 pages long. Trying to find one item can be tricky as with so many pages.

Well, you do not have to search, you get our software search engine to search for you. So I press the search marked with a brown arrow.

Up pops a box shown with a blue arrow. You would typically put in here "Red rose on the heart" ,but for the sake of showing you the power of this search box, I pressed in "heart",  and pressed a few times "Find next" till I find the one I was seeking.


Of course, if you know the exact title, this will make searching faster, and hide results that are not relevant to you now.

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