Blogs published on 06-12-2019

Under-ordering stock is sometimes better


Retail stock control

It does not matter how many products you sell, our Point of Sale Software can keep you informed of your stock levels to help you make sure that you do not run out of the relevant stock on an item. 

While not having enough stock of a core product will be damaging for a retail business. There a pharmacy near me, I came to pick up medicine, he asked me to go back because he did not have stock, so I came back. I went a second time, and the same thing happened, I never came back again as I found the other pharmacist near me always has stock. 

For core products, the worst case is that you are overstocked a little if you order too much. 

But this is not true often of non-core products mainly if they are temporary. For example, Frozen II  products are now selling well. I doubt that in six months they will be selling that well. There is a genuine danger, that a retailer that over orders will be stuck with that product that will need to be heavily discounted to get rid of it. 

So for products like this, if you’re going to order, I’d say order less than you think you need. The worst thing that can happen is that if a potential customer comes, explain that it is a great product, highly in demand and people just snapped it up. Then tell them that you can order it in.  It will probably be cheaper then too. At least next time, they will think that they have to get to you earlier.


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