Blogs published on 16-09-2019

Setting your priorities right … P0, P1, P2, …




Every day we need to balance our priorities, this is the most popular system which is the most common in software, it is a combination of urgent and important.

  • P0. Your Mum dying, kids are in trouble, a guy just had a heart attack in the shop and now nothing else matters. This P0 just block everything else and stops all thought of scheduling. 


  • P1. The system is down and is needed now
  • P2. Some important function really needed now is not working but we can operate
  • P3. Some important function is required soon but it can wait
  • P4. A non-urgent question that can wait.

You may want to try it with your own scheduling as it does work, I use a combination of urgent, work time and important. I look at each task for today, and then set my tasks by the following formula in the following software. It can talk to our software.

Urgent tasks  Are they urgent or can they wait.

Workload Will they take a lot of time, preference to those that I can do quickly. Ideally, I want to get as many tasks off my lists ASAP

Important If they are more important I will do them first

It works for me. 



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