Our POS system is built for touch, and recently touch screens have taken off. I think the reason is a  combination of the new lower prices which make it almost the same price as a regular monitor, that windows 8 and 10 are built for touch, the fact that most people, particularly the young, are used to touch and the faster processing that is driving this.

It is much easier and faster to use touch than a keyboard or mouse, particularly if you are not a touch typist.

However, there are some issues that you need to look at now if you are looking at touch screens.

Firstly check with us, because some of the monitors will have trouble with our screen, we can also tell you which ones not to get.

You need to check that its side view is good what many of them now I notice will look good if you are straight in front of you, but if you are on an angle which often happens in a shop, then they are tough to read.  

Because they are cheap now, many have flimsy stands. In a shop, people are in a hurry, operators accidentally hit the monitor, and it can fall. You need something in a shop that can take punishment.

You need to make sure that you have the right windows version, people have brought touch screens and then discovered that it does not work on the windows version in their shop. Also, you are not going to get full functionality on your touch screen with anything before Windows 8.

If you have older people or just people with sensitive eyes using the monitor, check the brightness. Make sure it can be adjusted. 

Some of the cheap touch monitors cannot use mouse and touch together. I would say stay away from those monitors. If you have one, the odds are you are going to drop the touch and just use the mouse.

While I am thinking of the mouse, check that the mouse cursor does not disappear, on some monitors the mouse cursor vanishes for a time, I use this software which helps with this. It's a bit old but works well.[link removed]

Now check the touch that it works well some units you need to punch them to work

Check that the monitor is plug and play, its a pain to have to find drivers for old equipment. 

I hope this all helps.


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