Blogs published on 02-10-2018

Christmas is coming


It is October now, and already we can start to see that retailers are getting ready for the holiday season. 

As the economy is doing well now and the public mood seems positive, this looks like it will be a good Christmas. 

Christmas trends over 5 years measured in 2018

Measured interest using Data Source: Google Trends (

As you can see the public interest has not changed over the last 4 years.

It certainly now the time to start planning your stock ordering, so you need to estimate your stock requirements which is something our point of sale software can help you do. You also need to start looking at roistering again something our point of sale can help you with all this. I will be talking about all of these soon.

Before we go any further

You need to check is all your POS system ready for Christmas?  

So let’s get to work

If you are planning to bring in some of the old POS computers “out of the closet” to accommodate the rush period, tested it to make sure it works? If it has been in the closet for a year, who knows what state they are in now?

Here are some other points

Have you checked that you have all the cables to connect to this equipment?

Do you have a connection into your network where you need it?

Can this equipment be linked into your system, it been a year since it is been used?

Now try it now to see if it all works if you plug it in?

The closer it gets to Christmas, the harder it gets to repair in time.

Here’s the kicker

What is going to happen if you have extra staff and the computer register does not work over Christmas? I have seen this happen all too often. 

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