Report Scheduler

Scheduling a report is a common requirement. An example might be someone would like everyday an end of day report. Yeah you can do it manually, and everyday whoever runs the end of day has to stay back. Run it with that person's criteria. Then wait until the report is done. Save the report and probably email it out.

A better way is to use our software built-in report scheduling capability. You schedule set of such reports. You specify when they are to be done. Once set up it will send it to them automatically. The reports' generation process is completely automated.

People tell me this scheduling of end of day reports saves them 40 minutes a day.

Adelaide Advertiser price rise conflicting information

We and others received contradictory information from "News Limited" and "The Advertiser" over the proposed scheduled Saturday cover price changes.

Because they could not clear it up in time, we did not update automatically this new cover price even though our guys waited until the last minute. I expected something better from News Limited.

XchangeIT sales data

Some of you are going to getting calls from XChangeIT in regard to sales data not being sent. If you decide not to send sales data, then the XChangeIT rate will be going up.

Maybe we should get rid of passwords

The recent talk of Heartbleed has meant that most of our passwords need to be changed. The problem is that it can take a few minutes for each one to find the section to change on a website a password.

A few minutes for each one, is a lot of work. As a result, most of us are only changing a few key passwords. Most of the passwords are just being left.

I am thinking that passwords are obsolete. Our system can use biometrics systems like fingerprints. Who needs to be concerned about these hackers, with biometrics. they need a finger, an eye, etc. There is also no memory required?