XchangeIT sales data

Some of you are going to getting calls from XChangeIT in regard to sales data not being sent. If you decide not to send sales data, then the XChangeIT rate will be going up.

Maybe we should get rid of passwords

The recent talk of Heartbleed has meant that most of our passwords need to be changed. The problem is that it can take a few minutes for each one to find the section to change on a website a password.

A few minutes for each one, is a lot of work. As a result, most of us are only changing a few key passwords. Most of the passwords are just being left.

I am thinking that passwords are obsolete. Our system can use biometrics systems like fingerprints. Who needs to be concerned about these hackers, with biometrics. they need a finger, an eye, etc. There is also no memory required?

GST confusion again

This seems to happen every year that there is confusion over the due date when the GST for the third quarter is due. I am sure it is because some of the documentation from the ATO wrongly states 12th May 2014 for the Quarter 3 (Jan-Mar) but when I look up our actual BAS statement, it states 28 April 2014. Which is only two months since the last GST payments so creating more confusion? So I think our documentation is correct that GST is due on the 28th April 2014. Unfortunately, it is also the due date for the superannuation contributions making it a double banger for a business.

If you have anything different on your BAS statement please let me know.

Discount voucher fraud today

Let us say a person comes into your shop with a discount voucher, uses it. You take it the voucher. A short time later he comes in again, but this time goes to someone else serving and presents a copy of this voucher. This is what happened to one of our clients today. What stopped him from getting a second discount was that our system reported the voucher as already being used. As soon as the guy heard the person at the counter say that, he shot out the shop. The shop keeper examined the voucher, it looked the same as his but it was a fraud. Don't believe that fraud only happens to other people.

This is not a minor problem, today almost everyone has a computer and printer at home and there are plenty of smart people around who can use them too. Once a shop is recognized as an easy mark, there are plenty of clever people who will home in on it.

Make sure your software can handle such fraud.